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sitar like tone=string slottoo narrow for string gauge rectified by widening[avoid deepening] the slot to now accept string gauge used.
in your issue=replace nut and file slots to new depths +width accordingly.
Hello Again Ronzo!

As you may recall, I gave in to GAS and ordered a Squier Bullet Tele.
Are the holes in the headstock 10mm or 8.5mm?
Asking because I am looking for lockers to replace factory tuners.

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Hipshot 8.5mm staggered lockers. Pricey but worth it. Highly recommended!
Hipshot Grip-Lock Vintage 6 Inline Staggered Closed 8.5mm Tuners with Universal Mounting Plate, Chrome
Hi Zac. I have a question about your Harvard. On your video you said it came with a modern Jensen C10R and you found an original 59 P10R and replaced the newer Jensen. Did you notice a HUGE difference with the original over the C10R? Worth searching for an original 50's P10R for my recent 5F11 Vibrolux build? Thanks!
Hey there, Al - I just noticed that you are from Ithaca. I grew up there in the 60s and some 70s. I lived on East Shore Drive, right along the lake, and it was a great experience for a kid...swimming and fishing in the summer, playing hockey when the lake would freeze in the winter.
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Call Me Al
Call Me Al
Been here about 4 years now. Running a preschool in town. We love the slow pace and all the outdoor activities. Just bought a house in south hill/danby!
Glad to hear that you like it!
Are we permitted to sell wood on this site? I have a blank of figured swamp ash that I purchased from the ship yard in Mobile and I will probably never use it. Anyway if I am permitted I will submit a picture and price. Thank You, Jim
Am trying to give away an old amp. I have made contact with a member in California. I will ship it and he can reimburse me. Is this considered a commercial violation.