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Argus by Wishbone Ash is 50 years old. Where were you when you first heard this album?
Andy Powell is such a good guitar player for Wishbone Ash.
Hey guys! Noob here, just finished my first budget 5e3 build. It was a cheap KLD kit from China. Kit. I put 6p3s tubes in it because I couldn't afford 6l6. My concern is my plate dissipation according to methods and calculator on Robrobs website shows 85%. How long can I expect these tubes to last at that rate. Spec sheet says max plate voltage is 375 I'm running 374-375
My heart is black, and my lips are cold
Cities on flame with rock and roll
Three thousand guitars they seem to cry
My ears will melt, and then my eyes


Eric Bloom is one of the greatest vocalists in all of rock. If you're not a Blue Oyster Cult fan, then you should start listening. Agents of Fortune is my favorite album of theirs.
Ed Driscoll
Ed Driscoll
Why is this appearing on my profile page? Nothing against BOC, who I've been listening to on the radio for about 45 years now, and whose songs I used to play in my college-era band. But what I'm I supposed to do with this information? Why not post this stuff in a new thread where everybody can see it and read it?
Chester! You liked my post on the bar scene. If you have a moment look at the posters who disagreed with me. Could they possibly be, ALCOHOLICS? I read my post over, I see nothing less than an accurate observation
Rob. Another thanks for your website. I'm assembling a MojoTone PR kit and following your suggested mods.

I'm about to do the bias board and discovered that Mojo supplies a 100 uf 100 V electrolytic cap and your webpage show a 25 uf 100 V cap. Will using the 100 uf capacitor produce any negative effects?

Thanks again. Ed Storer
No, 100uF is a good upgrade.
Dear mr Kingma,

I posted the same issue 3 times in the Glowing bottle tube amp section.

It's called : VVRI speakerswap

I would appreciatie it if you can remove 2 of the 3 identical posts.

Regards, Bert Boot
I swear I have seen product of Canada on Wright Bacon or I would not have bought it. Maybe they imported or stopped. I had Canadian clients bring me like 10 packs of Bacon and I thought it was Wright. I think Boars Head Bacon says Canada on their package and it does taste rather good. But yeah, their website doesn't concur wit me. WE should call them Monday
Hi there, sorry about the out of the blue message but I recently read your post re. the Pathfinder 15r. I've been going down a bit of a small amp rabbit hole... If by chance you still have it would you be interested in selling it? Cheers. t.
Mad Kiwi
Mad Kiwi
HI Tom.

I'm not too attached to it so would be open to sell it. The only catch is I don't know if you realise I'm in New Zealand?
Ok great, yes I'm in NZ as well. Will send you a message to talk further.
I know this is a subjective question. What’s everybody’s opinion on an early 50s p ( single coil) custom shop bass? I sway back and forth on this. Is it worth the price tag?
Brighter is lower - best balance is 6.4k the boosted sound is the 6.7k _ I am not a VENDOR here so I cannot post this on your thread - but looked like you needed the secret KEY LOL ( Google Video Search ) and the correct spellings of pickup model names ok Cheers DM
Hi - heres how to loacte Videos ok - use GOOGLE "Videos" sample Donocasters: so you pop in "DON MARE JOEL FOYS" then hit Video RESULTS next HOT BAKELITES these are all the same units THE JOEL is 6k the DON0caster is 6.4k the Hot Bakelite is 6.7 k
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El Tele Lobo
El Tele Lobo
Thank you, Don. I was looking on YouTube and having trouble finding things. I’ll check out Google videos. I appreciate the tip, sir.

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