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Thinking of the next guitar purchase/ build, even as I'm paying for another has me wondering.. is the thrill of the hunt more meaningful than capturing the prey?
I am also considering getting an Epi Casino Coupe and putting Minis in it. Did it solve the feedback problem for you?
No. That’s just a component of a hollow body guitar. There are things you can do to reduce feedback like putting foam under the trapeze tailpiece. I did it for the tonal change. I like p90 pickups as a rule, but the ones in that guitar were muddy.

My name is Jeff. I am in the market for a MusicMan Axis Sport with the P-90's. I used to own one in a transparent purple but let it go and was wanting to get one again. If you still have the red one you got 10 years ago, are you considering selling it?

Please let me know.

Jeff Herman