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Discussion in 'Bad Dog Cafe' started by 24 track, Jul 18, 2019.

  1. 24 track

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    Nov 6, 2014
    kamloops bc
    have you ever wondered why after a while, usually about a year or so after you've bought set up the latest, fastest, greatest internet service package that all of a sudden, ( usually after say 1 year in a 2 year service contract) your service is slowing down to rediculously slow snails crawl ?
    So finally you call your service provider to rant that you are not getting anywhere near the speeds you were once getting, only to be thrown into a telephone version of grab a ticket and get in line que.

    here's a tid-bit for you that I had confirmed, yesterday by my service provider who was checking to see why I was only getting 150Mb reception on my newly purchased 2 year contract for a 600Mb line

    I Stated to him that " I thought it was a little early for you guys to be "Throttling Down" my service to force me to buy a new package,"
    He looked at me in complete shock that I would know about this practice, then he confirmed that is what the providers do.

    You see for about a month between May and the end of June my internet was so bad that for some unknown reason out of the blue , My IP address would not allow me to connect to TDPRI it worked one day then not the next, I thought I had been banned or some nonsence like that as I could not connect with any of my 6 in house online computers , all on the same internet sub mask behind the wifi router , so I tried on my kids Cell phone and low and behold I'm online no issues , My TDPRI account is right where it should be , and I was being blocked by my own IP address.

    I was told that I could not change my IP address ( which is complete Crap) your service provider will issue you a new IP address if you disconnect your router and leave it for a period of time some one else will be issued your vacant IP address and when you reconnect viola you have a new IP address.

    Any way I thought I would pass this on to you as I am sure I am not alone with this , but to the layman you may think these magic little black boxes that vaccuum out your bank accounts every month are prone to scheduled failure,

    the providers feed off of the ignorance of the populous because how else are you going to upgrade unless you are forced into planned obsolecence.

    I hope this may help some one here.
  2. ReverendRevolver

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    Feb 2, 2019
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    My first fulltime job was building computers for a store. We were an internet service provider, and resold phone service as well (2005ish).

    It costed extra to have a static IP. It's harder to not change your address. We were using another company's lines, and this was all normal then. If something happened, your internet service was going to be fine, but your IP address was going to change. Unless you paid us to keep it.

    You also get a new IP if your wife forgets to pay the Spectrum bill, until the kids' show abruptly cuts off and they call you at work about it...
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  3. Obsessed

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    Nov 21, 2012
    Happens way out here in the forest too.:mad:
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    Apr 20, 2013
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    I don't have a contract - we have been month to month since day 1.

    Things were slow on the TDPRI this evening - I check my connection, and I'm getting the same 110 Mb down / 11 up I always get.

    We are on a small independent ISP - their service is good. I was having issues last year they tried a few things, then came out to re-run the line from the pole to our house. That fixed my issue - no charge. They even came back and buried it in the yard.

    I must be lucky.
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