You ever, but then, not?

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  1. gimmeatele

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    Jun 5, 2014
    Alora Spain
    Many times, but family, house , car whatever just seemed the wiser way for the money to go, now all that is behind me, all bets are off, if I want it, I will have it
  2. bgmacaw

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    Feb 11, 2006
    Near Athens GA USA
    Too many times to count.

    Some notable near misses. A Danny Gatton sig Tele being sold at a discount at Mars Music when they were going out of business. A Gibson LP Gem that was being blown out by a local dealer who had been unable to sell them for about 3 years. In both cases, I hesitated and when I came back a few days later they had been sold to someone else. Just as well though since this was at the end of the dot-com-boom and the bust put me in bad financial shape for a few years.
  3. burntfrijoles

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    Feb 12, 2010
    Somewhere Over The Rainbow
    I’m there right now. Just can’t do it!
    In my mind, I think it will be great. In reality it will be just another guitar. My rational self knows this so I can’t click the magic icon on my computer display.
  4. moosie

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    Jul 18, 2010
    Western Connecticut
    I've always been attracted to clean tone, and the chime and spank of single coils.

    Give me a few Teles, and a good Strat, and I *should* be happy.

    OK, throw in a handful of Jazzmasters and Jags, 'cause they sound good, and have that heavenly trem. And they look cool :).

    Gretsches are a no-brainer, in fact they probably should be my default squeeze. Tone, looks, playability, some hollow, some solid / chambered... yeah baby! Especially the ones with dynasonics.

    All good.

    But then there are the Gibsons. They're gorgeous, well-made, great guitars. I build (mediocre) fine furniture, and a nice Gibson or Collings is like that, only playable! (One of these days I'll build a Les Paul, and put a dovetailed drawer in it for the electronics access. :cool:) I like to look at 'em, like to hold 'em, I even like to play 'em.

    I just don't like what I hear, usually. I play clean, or very nearly so. P90s are dirty by nature, and need even more dirt to come alive. Not my thang.

    Humbuckers can get closer, but they're still too heavy, throaty. 'Smooth' is the best thing I can say about them. Sometimes I want that, but mostly I seek the spank and chime of Fender and Gretsch.

    So, I covet and buy these lovely humbucker guitars, and then just don't play them nearly as much as the Telecasters. (Although in the 'Covet' thread, I said Garcia's Wolf. Trust me, I'd play the snot out of that one. ;))

    The answer seems to be just give up and be that old guy with a bunch of one guitar. But odd as it may seem, the Gibsons still inspire. A lot. Though I have noticed that over time Gretsches are proving a more reliable inspiration for me.

    So I'll be that old guy with a 6120, a Falcon (because...), a coupla Jets, all with dynas; couple of Strats, couple of JMs and Jags... and thirty Telecasters.

    But I'm just not there yet... So, there's this Les Paul I'm lookin' at.... :lol:
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  5. haggardfan1

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    Mar 17, 2014
    Texas, Louisiana, Texas again
    I've been wanting a 000-size acoustic for a while now. The money just doesn't seem to be there when I catch a nice one on sale, so I doubt it happens. I've almost ordered one on several occasions, but the time just hasn't been right.

    Meantime, my daughter has a nice little Yamaha that I play from time to time. It is just so comfortable after playing my dreads...oh well.
  6. Scooter91

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    Aug 24, 2009
    Southwest MN
    I danced around a baja for a couple years, then had a particularly bad day and ended up doing some retail therapy. Sigh. :oops:. Impulse control can be quite a problem...
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