You and Me, Words and Music by Rene A

Rene Asologuitar

Jan 10, 2022
A song dedicated to bring about peace in our troubled world.
We can make a difference.
Please pray for peace in Ukraine.

You and Me, Words and Music by Rene A

We can bring back hope and love
And then we shall see face to face
Love will never fail
You and Me, anew
Hope will lead us through
You and Me

We now, can be made complete
His love and peace will flourish in our hearts
Breastplate of faith and love
You and Me, anew
Helmet of salvation
For You and Me

You and me we have been called
So we might go and bear much fruit
Fruit that will last
Hope and Love
He called us by our names
You and Me

We can fervently love
We will walk by faith, and not by sight
For with Him, loving kindness
You and Me, anew
And with Him, redemption
For You and Me

Love another as He did love you
If we speak, but no love in our hearts
We become just gongs,
a noisy clanging cymbals
Let’s bring back hope and love
You and Me