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  1. aux8

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    Jun 12, 2017
    I've had my THR10C for a couple of years and really enjoyed playing it at bedroom volumes. Well I've just finished building a little garden music room and now have somewhere to play with a bit less restraint. Wow! This thing sounds great at low volume but it is truly righteous when you turn it up.
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    Oct 12, 2012
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    Totally agree... great at low volume. And, when cranked.... YES IN_DEED! :D
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  3. flatcat90

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    May 29, 2016
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    Sorry, I know it's a little bit of a necro-thread, but ...

    I've owned my THR10 for a while now, and I keep finding ways to use it that make it one of my favorite purchases ever. Super useful for recording, playing music through it sounds great, and now with the Android app to control the features I'm no longer chained to the PC.

    My most recent example of how awesome the THR10 is:

    I'm both a guitar player and a bass player. A "company band" I played bass with last year is getting back together, and we've had a few rehearsals. Our leader, the guitar player, was complaining that my bass rig (a Phil Jones Double Four) isn't loud enough. I have a lot of stuff that's in storage and not easily accessible, including my two bass gigging rigs (a GK800RB with assorted cabinets and an Ashdown 500W rig). So I needed a solution that would involve using only the gear I have on hand - no more money for bass rigs, said my spouse.

    So I looked around, and I MacGyvered a solution. At our last rehearsal, I showed up with an Ashdown 2x10 cabinet, my THR10, and a ZT Lunchbox guitar amp. Bass into the THR10 using the Bass amp setting, headphone out of the THR10 into the Aux In of the Lunchbox (which, from what I can gather, is full range, and doesn't have an HPF like the input jack does), then turned off the Lunchbox speaker and plugged the 2x10 into the speaker jack. Presto! A 200W bass rig that sounds quite good, lots of flexibility in terms of tone, and kept up with a drummer no problem.

    Just one more reason I love this thing. I use mine every day. Even my wife likes it. And, because I frequently work abroad, I love that it can be used everywhere. I even brought my THR10 with me to Afghanistan in my suitcase.

    Really, to me, there are very few pieces of gear I own that have paid for themselves many times over for their utility, flexibility, and continued reliability. My original Mackie MS1202 is one. The Yamaha THR10 is another. It's also incredibly fun.

    I love this thing.
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