WTF is with people at live shows?


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Nov 14, 2013
I prefer music to be loud. When I crank this, for instance,

or anything by Steve Tibbetts, or anybody, and it's like entering and inhabiting another world.

Loud music cannot be background music. It sucks you in and makes you part of it.

My kids say "it's too loud!"

And I pity them.


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Apr 10, 2010

There were early warnings.


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Feb 26, 2014
South London UK
Good to know I'm not alone. Adding to the joy of the experience, my wife is a little clumsy with the remote and generally rewinds a good 5 min farther back than needed. Ain't love grand?;)
And that too yes.

And she goes to the loo more than me too so we have to pause for that.

And then she goes to make popcorn.

And then she gets a texts and has to to respond and she winds back again. Too far, as you say.

Then she stops the movie to say “what was that line he said?” And plays the same line 3 times turning up the volume and then stops to switch on the subtitles for 5 minutes and than stops to take them off because they are now irritating her.

Top stuff.


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Feb 4, 2019
I am not old (48) but I have feel that I have the right to ***** about certain things that just boggle my mind/frustrate me when I see it so, here goes.

My wife and I went and saw Bob Dylan last night, which was great. It took a few tunes to get the mix dialed in but when they finally did, it was fantastic. Bob's voice sounded better than I've heard it before (including on record). Maybe he's aging in to it? He is 80 (or 81) now. Lyrics were crystal clear and the new material is just fantastic, with a killer band.

Now, the rant. WTF is it with people paying money to see a show and sit there and talk through most of it? In a club or bar I can see it but, at a Dylan show? You paid decent money to see him and yet you are going to sit there and chit chat about stupid things that have NO relevance to what is happening in the moment. Have the fact that we are constantly looking at screens in our day-to-day lives really shortened our attention span that much? Are people that self-absorbed? Can't anyone just sit still and enjoy live music which we haven't had for almost 2 years? Now, this was limited to just a few seats around where my wife and I were sitting but I am sure it wasn't just there.

Kudos to Bob too for having a strict no phones, period policy. I saw a few people sneak a few pictures during the show but the venue ushers were on them ASAP. "Sir if you take your phone out again, you will be asked to leave the show". Now that, I like.:twisted:

My wife made a good point about the benefit of seeing an outdoor show, with lawn seats which is: if you don't like the people who are sitting around you for whatever reason, and the show isn't super packed, you can move away from them. Unfortunately in an auditorium show, like last night, you can't.

I know I am not the only person who has experienced this at a live show so, let's hear it.

I should also add that this one of the things that can be really distracting for me as a musician, when playing a bar/brewery/coffee shop gig: the constant background noise. It's hard blocking that out, hearing yourself and trying to make good music at the same time.
Possibly if the ushers had a good round of bludgeoning, the word might get out and get the idea across


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Dec 2, 2003
The Netherlands
- Audience members chatting among each other. No joke I was at a Captain Beefheart tribute concert where a singer with a Tom Waits-like voice was singing an absolutely STUNNING version of "Well" and people were talking right through it, even laughing out loud. SHUT THE HELL UP!
I later learned that it comes from people meeting each other online and seeing each other in the flesh for the first time at the concerts and can't stop babbling to each other.
Quoting my own post because I found footage of that performance.