Dec 6, 2021
I bought tickets in mid 2019 to see Lloyd Cole and the Commotions play in Glasgow at a scheduled concert for April 2020.
World events meant the gig was cancelled and it continued to be rescheduled and cancelled several times until in October 2021 it was announced that the gig was rescheduled for Glasgow Royal Concert Hall in January 2022.

Unfortunately, I was in the middle of pituitary tests, pumped full of steroids and struggling to move, so the gig date came and went and I done my best to bury my disappointment.
The band are special to me, their first album Rattlesnakes came out in October 1984 the week I started my ill-fated further education at the same university where the band were formed only a few years before.
I bought the album and a ticket for their upcoming gig on the day my student grant cheque cleared. Like a lot of students in the same place, that album was the soundtrack to my first year at university, it inspired me to get on the hunt for like minded musicians and form my first post-school band.

I was checking one of my email accounts and noticed a Ticketmaster email from this afternoon that I reluctantly clicked thinking it was to post a review of the gig I never made.
It wasn't.
It was to tell me that the rescheduled January gig was cancelled and the gig is on this Monday.
I'd been ignoring the sub-inbox email on this particular account because it's only used for Ticketmaster and I was feeling too sorry for myself to look. I only looked tonight because my neighbour just asked me this evening if I wanted to go to see Grandaddy at the same venue a week on Friday because his Mrs is double booked and felt brave enough to look at this inbox.

After over 2 years of no gigs, I now have 2 next week and I'm fit enough to go.

This song has my favourite ending bar none.

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