Would you rather be without electricity, or water?


Friend of Leo's
May 17, 2009
Are those our only two choices? Can we substitute other choices?

Because I’d be just fine with going without Miracle Whip. If I never saw it again, I’d survive the ordeal. Miracle Whip is not a substitute for mayonnaise.

But of the offered choices, I’d rather go without electricity. It’s nice, but I can and have lived without it for long periods of my life.


Friend of Leo's
Oct 12, 2017
until you have been in crisis, or taken some training, you will not know the priority of need for an emergency. for instance, if you ask someone to list the important things to have... they will almost always say "food" first. wrong. in order of things that kill you, it goes something like this...

1. first aid - your life may be in danger right now. you can bleed to death in minutes

2. shelter - a couple hours of cold can kill. more people die of hypothermia at around 50- 55F than any temperature colder. 55 is still warm right? no. your body core hits 95F, you are in big trouble

3. water - a few days with no water is the most you can stand

4. food - you can go many days with no food

the most common utility to quit working in a disaster is electricity. even a 2kw gen set will run the furnace, the TV, the refrigerator and a couple lights. I've done it a few times.... sometimes for days on end. meanwhile the neighbors have broken pipes and cold houses

I left out medication... you fit it in. I can go a pretty long time without any of mine