Oct 27, 2020
Hi everyone,

Decade long lurker, first time poster. About 7 years ago I built a Richie Kotzen inspired tele and found this forum super helpful just browsing the existing posts. I now have a wiring idea that I can't find the answer to anywhere, and I'm hoping someone here can help me out.

Current setup:
True single coil in the neck (twang king) and rail humbucker in the bridge (GFS lil puncher XL 10k). 3 Way switch with no coil splitting, position 2 is both pickups in parallel.

Proposed Mod:
I would like to wire the 3-way switch the standard way using only one of the bridge coils, like a traditional tele. I would then like to add a mini-toggle switch to add the other bridge coil in series at any position.

I feel like this is a pretty straight forward wiring job, but I'm curious if anyone has any inputs for reasons this might not work (polarity, which coil to use, dumb idea). Originally, I wanted to add a switch to just split the bridge humbucker, but I really like the idea of a "more" switch that affects all 3 positions in a similar way.

Bonus question: if this mod is viable, could the mini toggle be swapped for a push-push pot?

Cheers everyone!