Wiring help

Marc Morfei

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Feb 6, 2018
Wilmington, DE
I'm hoping this is a simple question, although it comes with a lengthy explanation. I am somewhat of a novice when it comes to wiring, but I can solder and I can follow a wiring diagram, so I have been able to make most simple mods myself. But now I have gotten myself into a puzzle I cannot solve.

I picked up this Keisel LP-style guitar which is really nice, but has all aftermarket pickups and wiring which give it a certain sound I really don't want. After swapping different bits and pieces (and somehow damaging one of the push-pull pots in the process), I'm still not satisfied. The guy I bought it from gave me the original wiring harness, which is still intact. And I have replacement pickups all ready to go. So rather than try to wire the pickups into the new wiring arrangement (which does not resemble ANY of the wiring diagrams I have found), and having to replace the broken push-pull pot, it will be simpler for me to drop the original harness back in and wire the new pups into that.

Here is my question: The original Keisel harness does not seem to resemble any common 2-HB wiring diagram that I have found, either. See pic below. There are three bare wires. The black one is ground and will go to the jack. But I have a blue wire coming from a lug of the bridge volume pot, and a white wire coming from a lug of the neck volume pot. Where should these go?