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    May 15, 2021
    Hi all, wanting to tap into the collective knowledge on wiring!

    Had a Squire body with Telecaster Deluxe routing gathering dust for a few years now, but having seen a couple of guitars recently with this combo of pickups, I'm looking at adding a third pickup and going for the combination a Humbucker in the bridge, single coil middle and Humbucker size P90 for the neck. A friend of mine is a woodworker so will do the additional routing for the new middle pickup. I'm also getting a custom pickguard made up which can accommodate a standard 5 way selector switch to give me some more options.

    As you know, with the Deluxe there are 4 control knobs so been trying to come up with options on how to assign all 4. My first thought was about having a master volume, a combined tone for the P90 and single coil, a Humbucker tone with a push/push split, and a neck/bridge pickup blender.

    Been scouring through diagrams on the internet and come up with the attached by combining some of them. It's my first time doing something like this from scratch so have probably made a load of errors, any advice or suggestions are welcome on the following:

    1) Am I along the right lines with my diagram to achieve what I've stated above? What mistakes have I made?

    2) I'm using Irongear pickups and it's recommended the P90 and Humbucker uses 500k pots and the single coil 250k pots. For the combined tone should I use a dual 250/500k pot? Or, I've seen 470k resistors used in some diagrams, is that an option?

    3) Any suggestions on other approaches? For example, might I be better having a master tone, with a volume for each pickup and a push/push to split the Humbucker on its volume control, with a different solution for combining the pickups?

    Thanks in advance for your help,


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    What are you planning to do for the switch settings? You have 3 pickups that aren't really going to play well together due to output differences. Unless you have a really powerful single coil the volume drop in the 2 and 4 positions will be significant.
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