Wire Your Jaguar to Turn the Bridge Pickup off/on in Rhythm Circuit

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    May 29, 2016
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    This is a mod I've been looking for for a while. If you're familiar with traditional Jag wiring the rhythm circuit activates the neck pickup only. When in the lead circuit you can turn the neck and bridge pickup on and off independently. This mod allows you to turn the neck and bridge pickup on and off independently while in the rhythm circuit as well, leaving you with classic jaguar sounds but with even more options. I'm finding that I love the darker sound of the bridge pickup in the rhythm circuit.

    I had a really hard time finding anything online that would show me how to do it though. Special thanks to @Bearzooka for teaching me how to do this mod! And special thanks to @bancika for developing the free software that allowed me to draw this out so nicely. My hope is that some poor soul searching the internet someday will come across this and have a good diagram to check out to perform this mod themselves.

    A couple notes on the drawing itself though. I'm not a professional by any means. This is the first time I've done anything like this drawing. But I performed the mod in one of my own jags already and it worked great. The potentiometer, capacitor, and resistor values are what I've found to be "traditional" for jags. I get pretty redundant when it comes to grounding. I'm not assembling one million guitars so the cost and time savings of adding little jumper wires here and there mean nothing to me. I always fully shield my cavities with copper sheet and copper tape and throw ground wires wherever they make sense to make sure everything is connected. I also like to twist the wires that go to the tip and sleeve of the output jack together (yellow and black in this case) thought that isn't shown on this diagram.

    Hopefully this helps out one person either today or in the future! As most of us know, all errant Google searches for guitar questions lead to TDPRI eventually.

    If you want to play around with this software I found it here.


    I have no affiliation with the developer.

    Edit: After posting it appears that some of the smaller type is a bit fuzzy.

    Pot Values:

    Rhythm Volume - 1Meg Linear
    Rhythm Tone - 50K Linear
    Lead Volume - 1Meg Audio
    Lead Tone - 1 Meg Audio

    Capacitor Values

    Rhythm Circuit - .01uf
    Lead Circuit - .01uf
    Tone cut - .003uf

    Resistor Value

    56K across the Lead tone potentiometer
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