"Why'd You Have to Cut Me?"

Charlie Bernstein

Doctor of Teleocity
Apr 26, 2003
Augusta, Maine
I used to go to a weekly electric jam at a bar called The Cage in Lewiston/Auburn (L/A). I kept getting stuck with a "cutter," a guitarist who always barged in on my solos, drowned me out, and generally hogged the stage.

So I stopped going. This is dedicated to him:

"Why'd You Have to Cut Me?"
copyright Leon Fullerton

Why'd you have to cut me? We were getting on so fine.
The music we were making was as sweet as T-bird wine.
Why'd you have to cut me? What did you have to lose?
Tried to do a little riffing. Who were you to refuse?
I know you're not from Texas, you can't play a cowboy lick.
Got to tell you, you ain't big-time, just another L/A hick.

So why'd you have to cut me? It was nothing that I said,
but you dimed your Mesa Boogie, and it went right to your head.
Didn't come here to out-gun you, didn't come to shake The Cage,
but when it's my turn in the spotlight, you always act your age.
You ain't worked the chitlin circuit, so you can't use that excuse.
Tried to get a note in edgewise, but it was clearly no damn use.

Why'd you have to cut me? It was nothing that I said.
If I could solo, I'd be grateful. You'd be grateful if I were dead.
Showed up in your rock regalia, armed to wound and dressed to kill.
Is that an ice pick that you're packing? Am I hostage to your will?
Why'd you have to cut me? Does it feed some inner need?
Why'd you have to cut me? Was it just to see me bleed?

4 Cat Slim

Poster Extraordinaire
Oct 17, 2012
Nelson City TX
Reminds me of a guy who'd show up wanting to sit in.
He'd tune down a half-step and in dropped D tuning, refuse to use a capo, insist on "playing lead"
and (of course) play louder than everybody else. It didn't sound good.

I stopped going, too.

Bob Womack

Friend of Leo's
May 28, 2016
Between Clever and Stupid
I had a playing mate who usually served as the jam leader. He used to always call the solo for everyone else AFTER the verse started. I couldn't decide whether or not he was trying to throw everyone else off so they sounded worse than him or he was just a spaz. o_O



Friend of Leo's
Nov 14, 2010
Santa Barbara
That song nails the experience -- it's more than sad, and I'm sorry for your bad experience. It's impossible to understand individuals who assert themselves in that way. Because I try to be thoughtful towards others, my practice is to always proceed by supporting what others are doing, and finding ways to enhance, not dominate, the whole performance (ensemble) rather than trying to stand out personally. I also encourage and compliment (via facial expressions and eye contact as well as comments) what others are contributing. I find that I get nudged into playing lots of lead, including solos and even extended improv solos, not because I keep going until shut down, but because I try to play to the experience for all, not just to show my stuff. I think what you actually play makes a big difference in the response you get. People really don't want to hear the tricksy crap you practiced in order to show off.