Why you can't fry potatoes. Properly.

Discussion in 'Bad Dog Cafe' started by thunderbyrd, Mar 25, 2020.

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    Spuds thrown into the coals of a dying fire, covered in ash and left for a good while...

    crack them open like black eggs with that tasty cooked potato inside... yummo...:)
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    Making excellent french fries is a test of culinary skill. Ditto for a good omelet. The French know this and often judge a restaurant by its frites and omelets. A perfectly prepared steak-frites is a thing of beauty.

    The thing with French Fries is getting the right amount of crispy on the outside with the right amount of moisture on the inside. If you throw them into boiling oil they often crisp up too fast on the outside, locking in excess moisture, so then they are too wet on the inside. This is why previously cut and frozen fries often produce a better product-- the freezing process helps pull out a lot of moisture.

    I read an article about this that finished with a simple french fry recipe that I found works really well and is super easy. 1) Use white potatoes (or Yukon Gold). No Idahoes, too dry a mouth feel!. 2) Put room temperature peanut oil in a big frying pan. Just enough to cover the fries. 3) Cut the fries to be shaped like McDonald's fries in size and length. Or maybe slightly bigger but around that size. 4) Here's the key, non-intuitive part. Put the fries into the oil at room temperature, turn the burner on high, and let the fries come up to frying temperature with the oil. This allows more of the moisture to get pulled out of the fries before the oil gets hot enough to crisp and seal the outer skin of the fry. Fry them to a nice golden color, dry them on paper towels or newspaper, sprinkle salt and other flavors (garlic!?), and voila!
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    Wow, you’re right that putting the potatoes in room temp oil to start cooking is counterintuitive, but I’ll have to try that!

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