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Why don't guitar amps use 3-way speaker arrangements?

Discussion in 'Amp Central Station' started by MrCoolGuy, Oct 29, 2020.

  1. mabley123

    mabley123 Friend of Leo's

    Aug 21, 2011
    ashland kentucky
    The Fane 100w Cresendo A that was produced in the late 60s-early 70s have a frequency response of 30hz-16,000Hz. 70 Resonant Frequency/fs

    These speakers are still used by Dave Gilmour, and were also used extensively with Pink Floyd.

    Everyone remember seeing the WEM cabinets Gilmour/Floyd used/uses?? Loaded with Fanes.

    Rawson Sparfield makes all but an exact repro of these speakers called he Starfinder. They are even magnatized on the same machine. Are very expensive.

    20,000 Gauss. JBL E120 is 13,500 Gauss. 20lbs Magnet. Is heavier than an either a JBL E120, or EV 12L

    Cresendo A was the first 100w x 100db 12 inch speaker. JBL D120F at the time was 60w, and the Altec 417C was 75w. Fane also has Pulsonic cones...

    Complete Fane speaker set up in WEM cabinets. I believe Bigger cabs have the 15 inch Cresendo.

    Rawson Sparfield high quality loudspeakers and cabinets recreate the Floyd sound with …
  2. Marblatx

    Marblatx TDPRI Member

    Jul 29, 2017
    I always wonder why they put tweeters on some bass amps or cabs but I guess that another discussion.
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