Why Do You Like Your Strat?

Jared Purdy

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Jan 26, 2010
Toronto, Ontario.
I'm primarily a death/doom metal guy looking for a guitar that I can play decidedly not death/doom metal things with. I've always loved how Strats look and like some famous Strat players (Robin Trower and Billy Corgan in particular), so the Strat instantly came to mind when I began thinking about what type of guitar to add to my stable. I want to keep things pretty simple, keep the guitar in E standard for some shoegaze/alternative and bluesy stoner rock stuff, a lot of fuzz. Price range is $300-$500ish so I'm probably looking at a Squier or something used. Since all of my guitars have humbuckers I'm probably going to look for an SSS guitar just to switch things up a little bit.

So all of you Strat players out there, I'm asking to know just why you like your Strats. Should this caveman death metal guy join the Stratocaster cult?
My journey into playing the electric guitar started with a recurring dream, one that I had off and on for at least twenty years. I don't remember all of the particulars, but the main part of the dream had me standing on a stage in large arena, in front of a large crowd, and I was playing a Strat in three colour sunburst.

Through those twenty odd years, I had only played acoustic, but like yourself, I listened to, and admired many Strat players. Hendrix, or course and Trower, Robbie Robertson, Albert King, Stevie Ray Vaughn, and many others. During that time, I had never so much as held one, let alone played one.

Fast forward to the year I turned 50 (12 years ago) and my wife has harping on me about what I wanted for the "Big Day". I could think of nothing. It was an unimportant date to me. Let's have a party! No, that was not enough. So, I told her about the dream. I had to pick it out she had no clue, and I was barely ahead of her in that regard. I only knew what they looked like, and what store I'd probably go to to buy it.

Sure enough, the store I went to had one, or maybe a few, but I knew if I was to get one, it would be made in the USA. I ended up with a Deluxe that eventually had to be returned to being defective - which was just as well as I hated the silent PU's and the skinny neck - which I then swapped for 2011 Custom Shop Deluxe, an entirely different beast. My love of it is mostly sentimental, but I continue to play it almost daily. If I had to choose between it and my CS R9, I'd have to got with the Strat as my wife got me on that glorious path.

Given that I'm a play - at - home player, the volume doesn't get cranked that much. As a result, I then to play mostly in the neck PU as I find the bridge PU to be thin, and PUs on mine are Master Designed from the Custom Shop. What's not to like? It's a piece of functional art, it plays fantastic and it sounds incredible. It's iconic. In a perfect world, we'd al have a CS Strat, a CS Tele, a CS R9, a CS ES335 and a CS Martin. How beautiful would that be?


Feb 20, 2020
yes I do, all of them…..but this one…..it’s special!