Why do people still use Pro Tools?


Doctor of Teleocity
Aug 6, 2012
GarageBand is perfectly serviceable as a daw in certain professional applications. I was recently involved in a remote project where at least 19 different players had to lay down tracks for a record and several of them used GB because pre Covid they did not record professionally at home. *They are all pro players. The master sessions are a mix of PT, GB, DP, Reaper, Studio 1, Logic and Luna (me) all imported into Cubase.

I tried to get the leader to do a YT video illustrating how daws are more the same than they are different, especially when it comes to meat and potatoes recording.

The daw is relatively inconsequential if you can play, have basic recording competency (a little bit of mic technique and don't redline) and you know how to export a track.

Grimes, the pop singer, records all her stuff on garage band. Likely mastered on logic or pro tools, but all the basic tracks are recorded on the Mac.