Who's an elite level guitarist AND singer ???

lil scotty

Jun 29, 2016
Phoenix, AZ
I haven't been through the whole thread, but if Bonnie Raitt hadn't been mentioned, she has been now.

As for some earlier posts, Mark Knopfler? Great player, but he's the guy I aspire to sing like because he can't sing either, but makes it work well enough. But he's not a great singer by any stretch. And Keef? I love they guy, and his vocal can work pretty well in the right context, but an elite level vocalist he's not. Not even close.
I’m with you on Knopfler. I love his singing. I love JJ Cale’s singing too. But, must concede that by most standards neither is a great singer, though I’d also argue that they’re at least as good as Clapton.


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Jun 12, 2003
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Jerry Garcia maybe?

1970-1974 Garcia...Yea!

American Beauty through Mars Hotel peak of his vocal powers. Honorable mention for Ripple alone!

The peak of Garcia's vocal powers are like... I don't know... Barry White's personal best at the high jump. His pitch is more consistent than Bob Weir's (a low bar, indeed), but his tone is thin and reedy.

I don't think anyone has mentioned Chuck Berry yet. One of the founders of Rock and Roll.

Chuck's great, but he's nobody's idea (including Chuck's) of a great singer.

Ray Davies – yes, definitely. The Davies brothers are one of the most underrated guitar duos of all rock. Absolutely outstanding guitarists...but get no credit for it. They get credit for songwriting, while their guitar talents are mostly ignored – just like Paul Simon and Stephen Stills,

Ray Davies guitar playing never impressed me until I saw him (numerous times) on his "Storytellers" tours in the '90s.

I second that! Rik Emmett's performance at the 82 festival was unbelievable. I was too young and in the wrong country at the time, but man oh man. I was blown away by the videos.

I just watched Triumph's Us Festival performance last week and, although I don't care for their music at all, I was mighty impressed by Emmett's playing and singing.