Who would have thunk it? Line noise content.

Discussion in 'Shock Brother's DIY Amps' started by kingofdogs1950, Mar 15, 2009.

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    So, my homebrew 6G3/6G11-ish amp is quiet and a very fine sounding amp. I noticed that when I turned on a CD player (on the same circuit) I get some very funny noise. The TV also causes noise. I ran an extension cord (a good one) across the room to a outlet that I knew to be on a different circuit. I go back and fire up the amp to see if I am getting noise from the new circuit. It happened that the guitar was turned up a fair bit from playing before my experiment so when I hit a chord it was LOUD, and a big surprise. The amp is now so quiet that I have to turn it waaaaay up before I hear enough background hiss to tell that it is on. (This in the middle, hum-canceling position but the hum in a single coil PU on in the bridge position is ,maybe, 50% quieter than it was. ) I am amazed.
    I've read other threads about folks having trouble with "dirty" line current but I had no idea that mine was causing problems and that a different circuit (from the kitchen as it happens...) could make such a difference. I swear that the amp sounds better too. I have to think a good line conditioner/regulator will help even more.

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    Thanks for posting some real world insight gained from inexpensive trial and error.
    Dirty electricity is no amp's friend.
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