When I Sell On Craigslist


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Mar 2, 2006
San Benito County, California
I left both my planers in the mtns. I needed one, so, I hopped on CL and found a good one at a fair price. Set a time to come to the guy's house, everything was set. I drove across town (San Jose) to his place. Arrived 3 mins before the appointed time. Texted him that I was there. No answer. Went to the door and rang the bell. and again. and again. Waited 5 minutes. texted again. called, straight to voice mail.

shrugged my shoulders, went back to my vehicle. Drove away, 10 mins later, the guy texts 'i've been trying to call you, I'm at home depot'

blocked and deleted. some people's kids.

I bought a closeout harbor freight planer for 29.00 bucks. My kid says it is awesome. It isn't. But we got done what needed to be done, all good. I gave it to my kid.

Answered an ad for another tool yesterday and asked for clarification. the response was, 'yeah, I know that make and model is advertised but the tool is actually X not Y and it is a different model with different capabilities too.'

blocked and deleted.

Next week will be better.