When Did Everything Become An Investment?


Apr 25, 2011
Turdcaster, WA
I respectfully disagree. I'm in my 30s and have worked with many people in their 20s with whom I've had conversations about this very subject. Most of us are very aware of it. We know how screwed we are. There's just nothing we can do about it.

I make almost as much as each of my parents did near the end of their careers and yet I'm never able to have many of the things my parents had. Own a house? Nope, never gonna happen for me. Raise two kids comfortably? Nope, so we decided to not have children. Comfortable retirement? Nope... Will probably work until the very day we die.

It all sucks and there's not a darn thing we can do about it.

My house is valued at four more than what should be and I continually a.m. contacted regarding my willingness to sell it. Like the OP ask, “ where would I go“?

Some folks do see their houses as investments and use the equity in their homes to acquire money via “reverse mortgages”. My neighbor did this. Of course, he doesn’t have any children, family or other heirs to be concerned about leaving them an inheritance. Most “wealth” is inherited and I wish to leave my daughter something.

I never think of my guitars as investments. They are small assets like my car.
Fuzz, you have two things that are worth more than money. Time and a brain. At 33, you are old enough to sort through stuff and still young enough to do something about it. The absolutely best investment is to invest in yourself.

I'm generally in the same boat at Burnt. My house is 6-7x more than when bought. If I could get Mrs W to go along with the idea; I'd sign over the house to the 2 kids today...with the agreement of continuing to live in it til the day that hauled me out in a body bag. I'd continue to pay the utilities and upkeep maintenance of the house and they pay the property tax and house insurance. The problem with being of the older generation is that everybody is after your goods. Long term assisted insurance, health insurance/cost, increased property taxes and utilities etc. Already have the living will/dopa with the daughter who is an RN ... with the strict instructions...whatever you do, DO NOT call the ambulance. I worked in hospitals a good part of my life and don't want to die there. A lot of elder health care is predatory, dining off folks' fear of dying.

I would sell my house if someone offered me 10x the current market and paid 50% in physical silver and 50% in selected cryptos. Then mrs could park her van on the beach and I park mine next to the ski lift...and we could hang out together during mud season.