What's a fair price for a 2015 HH Limited Edition US? And are they well thought of?

Discussion in 'Telecaster Discussion Forum' started by marc2211, Oct 21, 2019.

  1. marc2211

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    Jan 30, 2018
    I just saw this posting locally - https://www.ricardo.ch/fr/a/fender-american-standart-telecaster-hh-1076331200/

    I have been super tempted by one of these for a long time - love the tone of the HH config, and also the look (with the LP style inlays etc).

    To give you an idea price wise, 1200CHF is about 1220$ at today's rates - this seems a bit high. Wondering on the going rates for these guitars, and how they are looked on in the market and by players...

    I've been looking at a new 'Performer' model (with a Humbucker in the neck) for a while, but at first glance, this seems like a good alternative?

    Any info appreciated!
  2. boris bubbanov

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    Marc, I remember pretty well, when this offering came out. I wouldn't say that many people liked the pickups. It was received OK, but no major excitement.

    I encourage you to try out the Advanced Search function here and find out if I am indeed correct, in my recollections. You know, FMIC has offered some sort of version of this, from time to time over decades, and between the "Single Coil Only" and "Vintage Specifications Please" lobbies here, there are often not enough guys remaining who crave something like this. I'm "out" just on the neck being this thin, with "too much" truss rod.

    I dunno about the price. Might be high where you are - but would be low in New Zealand. Hard to keep track.
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