What do you say to a friend when ...

Old Verle Miller

Apr 7, 2022
I've worked with everything from teen age garage band wannabes to bona fide pros who make their living in music behind stars.

Most of the time the flailing rookies haven't actually heard how bad they are and especially nowadays, all they have to fall back on is god-awful phone videos with abysmal audio.

You might suggest something along the lines of "Get a decent recording of that. It would really help you guys put everything together."


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Feb 13, 2022
My son's band had a show/gig on Friday night and afterward I left to see a friend's band play across town. I made it to the show ahead of schedule since they did not start until about 10:40 pm. Got to talk to my friend and several other friends that also made it to the show. Good times...hell, I was glad to be out with actual social interaction having a beer and chatting with people.

Anyway, the band is a new group of musicians that were only playing their 3rd gig. They are a punk rock band and they play half covers/originals. I stuck around for 5 songs before I had to depart. Left after 5 songs because I just felt I needed to get home for some reason. On the way home there were sirens going off on most of my route home (11 mile trip). Really strange weather pattern with really strong winds had triggered tornado warnings.
We got lucky and did not lose our power nor did we have any damage due to down trees. The sirens were going off until about 1:00 am! The family was safe and able to sleep at last.

Just weird that I felt the need to rush home and be there to help manage the emergency for our family! Hard to explain, but the feeling that drives you to leave is overwhelming and urgent.
I heard no warnings on the radio or the TV while at the bar.

Looking back at the night, it was a great time at my son's gig a d a very weird and surreal feeling from the time I arrived at the bar to listen to my friend's new punk rock band. My friend called me the next day and asked what happened to me?
I told him my story and he understood. He then asked me what I thought about his new band?

Here's where it get tricky...my impression of the band was not NOT GOOD! I don't want to hurt his feelings, but they were pretty darn bad. The drummer could not play in time and was banging on the cymbals constantly, rhythm guitarist had a cheap amp that pop and crackles and the original songs were poor.

What do you tell a friend when his band is God
Do the professional shrink opener, “so, what did you think of your show tonight?” The reply might give you a diplomatic response to use.


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Mar 6, 2009
Be generally supportive but I'd ask your friend what he thought of his band's performance before offering any criticism of your own.