What do you do for in-ears?


Friend of Leo's
Nov 13, 2011
Have not gigged since before COVID, so cannot remember all the details. We run a primarily wired system, using the XR-18 mixer into one of the Behringer headphone amps. The headphone amp allows each user to mix a copy of FOH with their own auxiliary feed. Everyone controls their own monitor mix with their phone app. So in one ear they get FOH and in the other they get their own vocal, instrument and anything else that they want. The headphone amp allows each user to balance left and right as they see fit.

I had a set of SE215s which I sold, I've been happier with a set of CCA-10s or KZs. Memory foam tips make a big difference, they keep a much better seal. If you cannot hear the outside world then the monitors don't need to be set to a high volume level. To make up for this we run a couple of ambient mics pointed at the audience, just into the monitor mixes.

The XR-18 has a limiter effect available, I would expect that the X-32 to have this and more. I understand that effects can be applied to both inputs and outputs. So you could apply it to any potentially troublesome input channel, or to the auxiliary outputs which are driving your monitors.