What a difference half a winter makes!

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    Apr 25, 2020
    I purchased my 2016 52 AV about 10 months ago, had some finish checking on it after what would only have been four years. I thought cool, this is going to develop into more finish checking but I didn't think it would happen so rapidly!

    Mid June 2021:

    1st August 2021:

    Does this happen during your winters? At this rate I'll have finish checking all over the guitar, I already do, but it's light in some areas. 2 months ago, the fretboard was totally free of any checking and now, there's checking all over the fretboard but it's light. Hadn't played it for about a month (bought a new guitar) and yesterday I pick it up and there's checking all over the place like it happened overnight.

    It's not that cold during our winters, only down to about 7 celsius (44.6 Fahrenheit) and 15 (59 F) during the day. Does this happen to your AV at this rate? Isn't this fast?

    I've only shown these two pics because that's the best before/after I could produce but there's much more checking all over the neck. Body, not as much but there is more than before.
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