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    May 5, 2015
    This is a cool pedal I bought direct from Westminster. The only experience I have with compressor pedals was a Dyna Comp two-knob that worked ok, but seemed very limited for my uses. I was looking for something transparent that only compresses volume spikes and otherwise stays out of the way. This showed up yesterday; a Calvin Compressor.

    I've only been able to play with this for a little bit last night. But I've thoroughly enjoyed the art work on the pedal itself. These guys have a great sense of humor (the orange color, 5-knobs, the tulips. It's all there).


    Anyone have any suggestions on the settings, feel free. I'm not into chicken pickin' and as I said I'm really looking to use this as a utility tool to either normalize all the volume differences or otherwise stretch out the sustain for other effects.
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    I use my comp to lengthen tones and give a volume boost. Mostly to make me sound indiscernibly more like Santana.

    I agree with you about the clever Calvin cues on that pedal but personally went with the less versatile but equally clever Edward the Compressor.
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