Water based grain filler skrinkage?

Discussion in 'Finely Finished' started by goodchicken, Apr 3, 2020.

  1. goodchicken

    goodchicken TDPRI Member

    Oct 8, 2018
    I'm going to do an Ash body with a flat (hopefully) glossy water based finish. So I'll need lots of grain filling, and am considering some water based options. I'll go over this most likely with Crystalac water based gloss polyurethane.

    So 2 questions. I've heard somewhere about water based fillers shrinking even many months after application. Is that a legit concern? More so if lots of filling needs to be done?

    Then what about going over it with a water based clear...could that cause issues with the water based filler? I think not, but figured I'd ask why'll I'm in an learnin mood :)

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