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    I've been watch the sun rise later and set later . It my bed my spacey-spacey at work but is seems to be accelerating . I like the big dark (short days and long nights of fall and winter . But then I live in a very special area . L.L Bean used to print the lowest temperature on the free catalogues they sent out coldest day last year in my area , 39*, 47* 51*. Some of our summer days are as cool as our coldest winter days
    Over the hills it gets into 100+* and into the low twenties. the fog and overcast and breezes of the pacific tend to kept it cooler here, straight across from the golden gate. When I worked at UCSF HOSPITAL out on the cold side of San Francisco above Golden Gate Park there was a lot of fog overcast aa majority of the time. I think all in all it is fair to say we have one season most of the time.
    I've been watching MotoGP Racing on you tube. I found the races to be like horse racing at 300 kpm.
    The leader pulls ahead then there's the battle for first second and third, except there are 20, 25, 28 laps depending on the circuit. So the jockeying for position goes on through out the race. Recent races have shown Ducati bikes to be really fast on the straight aways , they can be caught in the corners but on the straights Ducati is eating all the others alive. Hondas are pretty fast, well they are all fast , winning is still about the rider , Rossi is a mazing he has started last in the race and can eat up a 5 second lead like spaghetti. He may be the greatest, if not among the greatest racers ever, he has a team of riders that ride smaller bikes = less than 1000 C.C. ( I think of it as riders getting their masters degree.) .
    It's very exciting for me to watch as I recuperate from it that shall not be named. a sport that doesn't involve violence though the crashes at 200mph are very violent. body armor and training seem to be very important the rider know how to to take a fall a 200 mpr. you can see them just like you can in Aikido taking falls and knowing how to fall and roll. I like the fact that no body is getting their light punched out , though Women Mixed Marshall arts has a vicarious appeal to me. As long as I'm not the one getting the B'jesus kicked out of me I'm ok with it until I see the winners face 2 days after the fight

    my new Epiphone is in the shop getting set up for slide playing. I want to learn how to do that. I have a Squier Affinity that I'm going to practice on, eventually it needs every thing and all the trimming are off sizes ( thank you fender) .

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