watch out for that savage creature!


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Dec 21, 2004
central ky
i've told i'm working these days parttime in a senior living facility. one profound danger i wasn't warned about is savage, violent little dogs. i delivered a meal the other day to a room that i had not been to before. i knocked several times, then went in, which is the procedure. all of a suddenly i had this shaggy-haired, rat-sized thing trying to run up my leg. good thing he barked cause otherwise i didn't have a clue what it was. i am grateful to my Higher Power that i didn't scream like a little girl and that i didn't drop the food. and also that i didn't stomp it into a pancake, which would have looked bad on us. one of the ugliest dogs i've ever seen!

there's another one, more like a mid-sized dog, like 30 pounds, who absolutely tried to kill me the one time i went in his room. the nice little lady had ahold of his lease, but it was all she could do to hold him. i got out of there quick! i hope i never run into that one again.

then there's the one who decided he loves me. i used to deliver breakfast to this room every morning and he would snarl and growl and carry on. 17 pounds of pure shi-tzu fury. then one night, his walker didn't show up so i walked him around the place for a long time. we had a good time! now i'm his best friend. every time he sees me, he bounces 3-4 feet off the floor, like he's on a spring. i had to go make a safety check in that room, i sat down for a minute and he jumped in my lap and kissed me all over the face.

and all the cats in the building, as usual, love me.
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