Warning: more Bella pics


Doctor of Teleocity
May 31, 2008
Corpus Christi, Texas
Riley had his moments of energy, but was mostly an 'observer'. Just like Bella, he loved attention from anyone. I really believe he thought he was a people. When we got him the vet estimated his age at six. Riley was found as a stray, brought to the humane society then fostered. We adopted him through the foster family. Because he was a stray, his first six years of life were a mystery. When we first came home with Riley he was very submissive, to the point I thought he may have been abused in the past. Made me angry. Sorry for the long response, Riley was very special to us. Enjoy your precious Bella and give her some belly rubs from us.

No apology is necessary, especially not for waxing nostalgic for a beloved canine. That response wasn't even that long.

Besides, I'm certainly not the one to find offense for longwindedness, perceived or otherwise. If TDPRI allowed us to switch our usernames, I'd change mine to "Loquacious Larry." :oops: