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Walt Mink

Discussion in 'Music to Your Ears' started by mexicanyella, May 14, 2019.

  1. mexicanyella

    mexicanyella Friend of Leo's

    Jan 26, 2012
    Troy, MO
    I wore this out on cassette back in college: Walt Mink’s “Miss Happiness.” The guitarist, John Kimbrough, is a fountain of riff ideas and volume knob Marshall crunch management. This song has a lot of that on display, especially near the end. Check out the tiny little early-EVH-esque fill at 3:23.

    That’s Joey Waronker on drums, and I love the recorded drum sound here. It sounds like a drum kit played well in an acoustically live space...not in a polyfill-stuffed closet like some 70s stuff, or a big scary canyon like some 80s and 90s stuff.

    Candice Belanoff plays some pretty cool bass under all that crunch too.

    I liked the band’s subsequent albums too, but felt that the mix and production fell short on the second (Bareback Ride) despite having some cool songs. The third one, El Producto, seemed more uneven in material and production.

    All well worth checking out, though.
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  2. SweetCuppinCakes

    SweetCuppinCakes NEW MEMBER!

    Jan 9, 2020
    Daegu, South Korea
    Where's the love! It's a travesty how Walt Mink's been forgotten. Never got to see them live or be a fan while they were active, but I did listen to them in my college years (early '00s), and I've been thinking about them a lot lately, and listening to them, of course. Came across some YouTube videos of their reunion show, 10.30.2015 at the Varsity Theater in Minneapolis - one user, I. Terry Linder, has uploaded a bunch of songs - some of the few live recordings I've ever seen. I want to tab them all - this is my little (huge) project. It's hard to tab things just from the recordings, and it helps oodles to see at least where John's fingers are on the fretboard.

    Well, because your post is the 8th Google search result for "Walt Mink" (!!!), after all the usual wikipedia, allmusic, discogs, etc., I'll share a tab here. Tell me what you think, play it, share it, make suggestions - I'll try to do more. I mix a bit of stuff from that Varsity Theater performance with what I hear on the recording.

    Nothing from Miss Happiness yet, though.


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