VS Audio Blackbird Pedal Experience?


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Oct 22, 2013
El Paso, TX
I've had one for about 2 weeks and it really is as good as the Youtube reviews are. Then again, most of those reviewers would sound impressive through a solid-state stereo amplifier -with a cereal box for a speaker. That said, it really is as good a pedal as everyone on Youtube raves. After playing it through a couple of band practices though, I wish it had a dedicated "bass" control of some sort. I've owned and gigged with a number of blackface Fender amps and like many other folks, I've always kept the bass somewhere around 2 to 3 on the bass knob. This is a fabulous pedal, but it seems they hardwired that setting into the circuit. Does it sound like a blackface amp? Quite so. However, to my ears it has a bass cut as prominent as a Tubescreamer pedal. Is it still useable? Yes. Does it sound good? Oh my...yes. Would I rather have been able to dial in the bass setting to taste? Depending on which guitar I switch to during a gig....yep. The brownface setting of the pedal comes pretty close to my old '62 Deluxe (that I stupidly sold back in the 90's) and doesn't have quite the bass shelving that the BF setting does. If I had any idea how to mod the pedal, I'd do so simply to gain back a touch more low end in the BF setting. ****e, the pedal is so good, I'd be willing to scar it up and put in a mini-bass pot if I knew how! Anybody know if this circuit is close another existing effect pedal???
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Jul 25, 2022
You are totally right buddy, bass frequency response is fixed into the circuit and it needs more than one or two caps or resistors changes to alter the frequency response of the pedal. Apart from that it will change the ERA switch mid frequency response (400Hz) even if you do these changes. Hope that helps, check out the Deluxe version also that integrate a indipedent bias tremolo circuit.