Vibrolux Reverb vs Super Reverb? ( sort of )


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Feb 19, 2018
Great stuff here written with the voices of experience - I really appreciate it!

There were some questions -

- Home use only, no gigging, not even jamming with people or a band ( although that could change ). I hardly even use pedals, and I'm a fingerpicker pretty much exclusively, little bit of hybrid picking here and there. I like to hear my notes distinct from each other even when they're distorted.

It seems crazy to want a 35 watt amp when even a 10 watt amp can be too loud, but I'm interested in a different, quality clean Fender sound with character.

At the low volumes I use, I am figuring out from the posts so far is that I should forget about the sonic effects of multiple drivers and cabinet size, since they'll never really become a factor unless I turn it up. And maybe between the VR and the SR the drivers and cabinets are a dominant factor.

With the Encore I think the tone-stack lift "Raw" control is interesting, and also it has a post-PI master volume, maybe expanding its usefulness in my situation. Plus I want amp-based tremolo ( vibrato? ), I have some pedals but usually just plug in.

The more I learn, the more there is to learn!

I can't say it enough - thank you everyone for clueing me in!


Aug 26, 2021
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i have a super reverb i bought back 1970-71. it's a great amp. rated at 40 watts probably less than that now maybe 30? ish. on the road i would load it with long bottle 6l6's so it would last the tour -i found those long bottles have a clearer sound and are less prone to breakup when cranking the amp which was fine as i used a overdrive pedal back home or for local gig's i used short bottles they can get an edgy sound at a medium volume not quite like a deluxe.supers have a fairly big presence with 4 speakers and you don't want them pointed directly at the audience.putting cones on them helps with that issue or tilting the amp on its arms so it's angled also helps (mine has those) but take the wheels off 1st if you have them. a few years back i disconnected two of the speakers and ran it at 4 ohm's with no issues. the sound was closer to a deluxe with more edge. those amps have a big tonal range and with a pedal in front can scream like a banshee. i love that amp. u can also take out the v1 tube and get a little more gain. there are a number of tricks u can do with these amps they are very versatile and mike up well too.try placing it about a foot from a wall to get even more presence. the open back allows for a splash against the wall increasing it's presence ( works great onstage too.hehe sorry this is so long just had to sing the praises of what i think is one of the best amps ever made ( at least back in the day) if yer into country or blues, rock or whatever ( maybe not heavy heavy metal unless your using pedals) i dont think u can go wrong with a super reverb.