Using a PC to get Amp Modelling on a Fender Hot Rod Hot Rod Deluxe.


TDPRI Member
Aug 28, 2021
I didn't know that this was a thing -- to be able to use a PC modeling software to work with a tube amp.

I got an AC15C1 a few months back and I loved it. But, for some reason due to what I'm guessing radio interference, the Vox is very noisy when I play it in my room. In my daughter's room the noise is almost none so the amp is now "hers". In the meantime I'm stuck with the Fender HRD which I've had for much longer and am getting bored with the sound. I considered getting something like the Strymon Irididum or Boss IR-200 for the amp modelling but nobody's really talked about setting those up to work with a tube amplifier. I could probably try something like a Helix, but I really didn't want to pay that much.

A few months ago I had just purchased a USB interface and a software called Amplitube for amp modeling. They work pretty well but I couldn't get used to the sound coming out of a headphone or monitor speakers. So it was just sitting gathering dust. Yesterday, I got the idea if I can get the modeling from Amplitube to work together with the HRD. So today I gave it a try and it pretty much worked from the first go. The USB Interface I use is the Roland Rubix24. The guitar goes to the HRD input. From the HRD FX out, goes to the Rubix24 Input (where you usually plug in the guitar/mic). From the Rubix24 out, goes to the HRD FX in.

While there are limitations due to the HRD's internal amp section and the built in speaker, the set up actually works pretty well. It wasn't that difficult to get the sound to be what I wanted. I just chose the AC30 amp module, tweaked some of the knobs on the amp module, put in a pedal or two before the amp (all these done in the Amplitube software), and the final output volume level on the Amplitube works as a master volume to the whole chain. I could also add an EQ pedal on the software if I want to shape the tone further. I also tried some marshall sound with the JCM800 and JCM900 modeling and it was pretty good too.

Now I'm pretty sure this is common knowledge to 90% of people in this forum and I'm just late to the party. I just haven't been this excited about the sound coming out of my HRD in a long time, and maybe there are one or two readers who were as uninformed as I am.