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Upgrade HH to HSS

Discussion in 'Stratocaster Discussion Forum' started by tiger02, Nov 25, 2020.

  1. tiger02

    tiger02 NEW MEMBER!

    Nov 25, 2020
    Hi everybody,
    I am new in guitar upgrades so would like to check with you ...

    I have Fender FSR Hot Rod Stratocaster, currently it has 2 humbuckers:
    Bridge - DiMarzio DP100 Super Distortion and Neck: DiMarzio DP103 PAF.

    I am thinking about upgrading it to become HSS

    First idea is to keep bridge pickup as it is and add additional single pickups. I like sound of Seymour Duncan SSL-1 or SSL-5, but not sure if they (or any of them) are good match to DiMarzio DP100...

    If so, what's the best combination? both (neck, middle) SSL-1, or both SSL-5 or SSL-1 and SSL5?

    Should I change DiMarzio DP100 to something else as it will never work nicely with this kind of single pickups?

    Any idea if DiMarzio DP100 can be splitted so it works as single one?

    I would like to use it for rock music, sometimes blues style....

    Thank you very much for any comment.

  2. jvin248

    jvin248 Poster Extraordinaire

    Apr 18, 2014
    Lions & Tigers oh Mi !

    If you go down the series mods path reusing parts you'll end up with some frankenstein monster you may not truly enjoy and have no easy way back. I've done that before and regretted it. I would lift off your current pickguard complete and then get a new pickguard and populate with all new pots/switch/caps and pickups. In the scheme of things, a new pickguard and controls are relatively inexpensive compared to the pickups you'll use.

    If your current pickups have '4 conductor' wires leading from them (or three plus ground shield) then you can split them out to single coil operation with push/pull. Or find the Ibanez RG series wiring diagrams and get the additional coil splits via their switching options.

    I would suggest if you are looking for single coil sounds then get either a regular SSS or a 'reverse Hendrix angled' SSS and wire in an Armstrong Blender mod where you can spin up the single coils into series HSH switching options. It's a wiring only mod to a standard SSS strat so no new parts on its own but a lot of versatility. Generic Strat single coils are 6kohms so in series they give you 12kohms hot humbuckers (which is close to Super Distortion at 14-16kohms). The blender option lets you cross through the PAF tone range. It's my auto mod on any new Strat, here with a 'hendrix angled' pickguard.


    Last edited: Nov 25, 2020
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