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Discussion in 'Bad Dog Cafe' started by sax4blues, May 8, 2021.

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    One of the most frequent thread topics in gear forums goes along, "This or That?", or "What changes are needed to make something different?". Discussion follows, ideas and options presented, and then......, I don't know, it usually just fades away. Something like the "Show us your pedal board" thread would be interesting. The OP could update with what they did or did not buy/change/replace, and what the results are.

    I'll offer my update. This year I was GAS'ing for a Vox variant, considering Matchless Lighting or Bad Cat Cub IV. March I opened a thread to gather experience. My update is I went left turn and got Divided by 13 CJ11. The Dr. Z Zwreck Jr I have, while not a Vox variant per se, is definitely in the EL84 heritage lineage and I decided I would rather add a completely different blood line.

    What say you, have you asked for advice and have an update of how you used that advice?
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    For me, tons!

    * I came to discover I am not a fan of tall frets ... I wanted to get a feel for the general consensus on fret height and there are plenty. Not necessary 'fixing' advice, but still gave me a ton of insight

    * Someone posted a recommendation for a small room humidifier and that model ended up working perfectly for my situation

    * @Peegoo gave me great insight into the possibility of installing a zero-fret nut (still toying with the idea)

    * Received some terrific advice on reasons why my neck's high E was uncomfortably close to the edge which negatively impacted playing

    * I think it was @Peegoo again who fairly recently recommended a Caline Pure Sky pedal. This, to my ear, gives unbelievably great 'edge of breakup' tones

    * Put the bug in my ear of a wall hanging system (didn't directly ask, saw it on a related thread) and I absolutely love the wall system in my music room

    * I was ready to pull the trigger on a used Marshall Origin amp because of the overwhelmingly positive opinions of owners in this forum. I decided last second that it was a 'want' and not a 'need'...but still have it on my bucket list, LOL

    * Also discovered that GAS is a real thing and this forum either helps or impedes my battle with GAS!

    I've come to the conclusion that: Any question or opinions that I seek on this forum that I will get terrific, educated, and timely advice and insight, absolutely no doubt about it.
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