Update on my old house project. . . . .

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    I'll recap the story.
    A year ago in October I bought a run down old house on three acres for $22,500. I'd been looking for a fixer upper and when this one came up I couldn't write the check fast enough. Originally I was going to put a small addition for the kitchen and a bathroom, gut it down to the studs, rewire and call it good. Plan was doing it all without going to the bank.
    The best laid plans of mice and men. . . . .
    The first little problem is the septic system. Up here no biggy I know a few guys that can do it on a weekend, for a few grand.
    The main problem is the two additions already on the original house. They simply laid out a concrete "foundation" and built out over the lawn. No insulation or anyway to get under them to add it.
    So the only way to fix it right is jack up the works and put a foundation under it with proper crawl spaces. BUT if you going to that, you might as well put a basement under the whole thing, it's only a few grand more. Then when that's done there's still the old house that needs to be gutted, rewired, insulated, reroofed and so on and so forth. That amount of work involves going to the bank and spending the next few years working on an old house.
    Next plan. . . . .
    Build new house.
    After crunching numbers and talking to the bank I've decided to just sell the place, to some other dumb schmuck and just buy one I can move into.
    Around here you can buy more than you can build right now and I can focus on other things I'd rather do in my spare time.
    I hate shopping for real estate almost as much as car shopping but that's what I'll be doing for awhile.
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    Sounds like a plan.

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    When you list the old place could you please post a link. 3 acre lots for that price are only a memory in many regions.
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