Unlucky ,or is fender amp quality rubbish

Discussion in 'Amp Central Station' started by PeterVV, Aug 16, 2015.

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    Jan 12, 2013
    Corless, everything you describe in your 11:11 post is pretty much as I have experienced it, too -- right down to the crappy Haze I owned for about 3 days.
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    You should have said "22 watt" :D
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    Well - that's true of amps built like the early Marshall PCB's and JCM800's where the board is thick, heavy (as are the traces) and the wiring heavier-gage and hand-soldered.

    But modern reissues are thinner, cheaper PCB construction, with a lot of surface-mount components, IC's, plug-in ribbon cables and mechanized wave soldering (every board component soldered at once).

    They're far harder to service - the manufacturers design them NOT to have components replaced for the most part, but for entire PCB board modules to be unplugged, tossed and replaced with new ones if a part fails.

    They simply do not have the same type of signal-processing components (tone and coupling caps, driver circuit parts, plate resistors etc), some tubes are often board-mounted (or mounted on lightweight sockets soldered to the boards); the cabinets are usually pressboard or cheaper grades of plywood, not solid wood or high-quality gapless plywood and screws/glue joints simply do not hold up as well (screws strip very easily)...

    They do not hold the way Leo Fender, for example, originally designed his, where one could bounce around the back or fall out of the back of pickup truck and still "work some"!

    The build quality is NOT nearly equal, and the sound is not the same as originals.

    As I said, there ARE PCB amps that are well built - but most are early models, not the modern run-of-the-mill reissue combos.

    As a sometimes amp tech I see plenty of both. No comparison, to the point where I have stopped even working on newer reissues - because often the owner has just purchased it used, wants a "general service" done to bring it up to its best level - and their expectations cannot be met. Can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear.
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