UAFX Dream 65 Mixer Eq

Barley Henton

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Jan 11, 2023
Hi, I’ll start by saying I’m not great at dialing in tones with pedals and such. Had a helix and found myself constantly second guessing the sounds I was getting. Sold it. I bought the Dream 65 on a whim. I need it to run direct to our PA for a trio(space is limited where we play). I got home and ran it straight into my Yamaha Dxr10mkii and it sounded terrible. Massive, boomy low end and extremely shrill highs. My Joyo American sound was great straight in. I’m guessing the frequencies the Joyo produces are more in the guitar amp realm? Anyways, I decided to run it through my mixer first. It was better, but due to my ignorance of eq’ing, I’m still not getting what I consider a balanced sound.
Here’s my signal chain: Classic Vibe 50’s Blonde->Wampler Faux Tape->Dream 65->Allen & Heath Zed10FX->Yamaha Dxr10mkii. I don’t know what to do on the mixer I guess. I know how to set my gain properly, but should I leave everything in the middle on the board and just adjust my Dreams limited EQ? That seems to still be exaggerated in highs and lows. I’ve tried cutting the mixer LF by 6db, HF by 6d and adjusting mids but something still seems off.
I understand this boils down to my lack of knowledge and that there’s no one size fits all tone out there, but there’s such a wealth of knowledge on this forum that I wanted any advice I could get. Thank you much

Also, when I plug the Dream into power amp in of Katana and turn the Dream’s cab sim off it sounds more natural and amp like


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Nov 28, 2006
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When going direct to mixer I have the cab sim on.
Turn it off.
Set the mixer flat to start and tweak from there. Don't be afraid to really reduce low end on both the mixer and the Dream65. Even on my real 60s and 70s BF/SF amps, I rarely set the bass control higher than 3 or 4. Same with my Dream, though so far I only use it for recording.
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