Twisted telecaster neck


Oct 28, 2020
Chester, Uk
I have a gorgeous fender performer telecaster in Honey burst. She’s my main guitar purchased new from a U.K. dealer about 18 months ago.

I like a flat neck with 0.004” neck relief, and a low(ish) action.

Recently I’ve noticed the neck has developed a twist. The fingerboard is flat on the low E Side but bowed UPWARDS on the high E. I’ve checked relief, which indicates this to be the case. You can also see it visually when sighting DOWN the neck from the headstock, as the FACE of the headstock is NOT parallel with the face of the body but is twisted.

It’s not noticeable when playing so perhaps I shouldn’t worry, and I suppose at least it’s this way round (whereas if it was the OTHER way round the top E notes would fret out. There are no chokes anywhere, or buzzing.)

In your opinions, could this be a result of the truss rod being too TIGHT? Or too LOOSE?

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