Twin Reverb Questions.


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Jun 16, 2019
I'm making the transition from digital to analog and am very focused on buying a tube amp, mainly because I've been told it feels warmer and more dynamic than transistors.

I'm a big fan of a Japanese band called Ling tosite sigure and the guitarist is known for using a Fender Twin Reverb in conjunction with his pedalboard to achieve a crystal clear, defined, clear, crisp and distorted tone.

My problem is that I need an amp to rehearse in a relatively small venue and play medium venues. So I've read that the Fender Twin Reverb is incredibly loud even when set to 1-2 (I don't know about this, but I was thinking of leaving it at 3).

An important fact is that I'm not looking to saturate the tubes, I just want that dynamic and harmonically rich tone of the Twin reverb to accompany it with my telecaster and my pedalboard that has everything I need in terms of overdrives, distortions and modulations.
The truth is that I am very obsessed with the twin reverb but I am concerned about that issue and that there are other options.
Two words. Blackface Princeton!

Don't listen to those who say that smaller amps are "boxy." Crank the volume and any "boxiness" disappears. Tons of "huge" guitar sounds have been recorded with tiny Champ amps. Put a mic in front of your small amp, EQ it at the PA desk and it will fill a stadium. What is boxy anyways? It's one of those catch-phrases that a lot of folks here use, but who knows if it means a hundred different things to a hundred different people or not. Your boxy might be my bliss. Check one out in a store.

Oh almost forgot, two more words. Tweed Deluxe! Tweeds have awesome cleans at 7 and below on the volume. Tweeds go to 12.



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Feb 3, 2009
Perth, Western Australia
Twins are amazing and if you're happy to carry them I would always recommend getting one. They still sound good turned down low but have as much power as you could ever need. Thanks to everyone jumping on the compact amp bandwagon now you can get them for a good price. In my neck of the woods Deluxe Reverbs are as expensive or more expensive than Twins on the second hand market. If you don't want to carry one around just get something like a Hot Rod Deluxe which are a bit lighter but still sound good.
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Jan 9, 2010
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Looking back at all the amps I’ve owned, my ‘73 Twin R ranks very high among the most memorable. It sounded fantastic. I think it weighed-in about 85 lbs if I recall. I don’t think I ever gigged with it. I was between bands and hearing-aids so…

If you’re into Fender tones and gear, you have to own one at some point. You really should not penalize yourself.