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Jun 29, 2018
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Customers have been sending us e-mail over the past week or so telling us that we needed to pay attention to this forum.

It seems that a couple of our competitors have made it their mission to spread rumors about us. This has influenced a few internet trolls to run with these ridiculous conspiracy theories. Whenever these blood-thirsty trolls see our name, they come out of the weeds and pounce on any customer of ours that has something nice to say.

We understand that our competitors might be frustrated when one of their former customers ditch their pickups for a set of one our carefully crafted sets. Our competitors shouldn't take this personally, musicians just want the best gear possible. It's their business & they take seriously. Musicians are just like and other artist or craftsman & they want the best tools available.

The love for our pickups by Professional Guitarists has been well documented. Until you hear and feel these pickups for yourself, you'll never really understand why serious guitarists use our pickups in all of their main guitars.

The amount of dynamic range you can cover just by moving your guitars volume knob or by hitting the strings hard or softly is amazing. This is what separates our pickups from all others. It's a real game changer for serious tone connoisseurs and pro guitarists.

If you want to really understand the dynamic range & harmonic content of our pickups, you need to take a moment to listen to the video's below.

Unlock Dynamic Tone w/ Your Picking Hand

Clean to Dirty w/ Your Guitars Volume Knob

Players make decisions with their ears & many of the pro's we deal with have told us that our pickups have made every other set they've tried seem obsolete. Almost everyone of them instantly notices the difference of feel & tone instantly. They typical say things like "they sound like they have tubes in them" or "it's like plugging into a studio compressor or Neve console".

Many pro's even sell off the pickups in their vintage guitars in favor of our pickups. It's not uncommon for a pro to order a dozen sets from us to accommodate their entire stable of working instruments.

The fact that some our competitors have chosen to lash out at us on these forums says a lot more about them than it does about us. It would be gratifying to mention these guys by name but we are in the business of making pickups & have little time for their juvenile games. Besides, they don't need our help as they've already embarrassed themselves plenty.

In the end, real players could care less about the ridiculous noise of conspiracy theories, real musicians only care about getting the best tone possible.

There are a lot of good guys on these forums. There are also some folks with some issues that seem to spend most of their life in a state of negativity on these forums. It's a shame that these few bad apples ruin it for everyone. These forums could be a very different and more positive place. You won't find too many of our pro customers on these forums. Many pro's have tried engaging on these guitar forums but moved on to other things after a few negative experiences.

If you go to our site you'll find many testimonials from real customers & we've also posted some video's they were kind enough to send us. Here is the link:

Tone Specific Guitar Forum

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Jan 20, 2007
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Your number one asset is Jay Leonard Jay!! He is the most energetic, and enthusiastic player on Youtube. As he is a master of the telecaster, and a tone guru, I value his input on gear very highly!:)