Today at Walmart Cort Strat style.

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May 6, 2018
Ok so at Walmart I bought a Snark Tuner. I saw a ash Cort HSS in a plastic display. You could not take it out of the display.

You could touch it the neck. It felt great. The neck did not fell like like my almost 20 year old Yamaha Pacifica neck I love that neck. I would take the neck off and put the oil Yamaha uses I like it better. I did not feel fret sprout.

I could not tell if it was a hard tail. I did not see the boxes with the guitar on the floor. But they had to be someplace on the floor. You could not see the body in the plastic display. It had a Cort acoustic in their as well. Maybe I just could not see it to good with my eyes.

Under 350 dollars. I want it now. I have a boutique, and other guitars in different price ranges. But I really liked it.

And better than that 1980's plywood crap. Amazing what you can get for cheap now days. A nice ash light red burst. Wow.
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May 28, 2008
don't know about the current Cort production, but i have one, modded it bigtime and fits like a glove. (got it with no pickups so good modding base)
was in a music store about 20 years ago, they had new squiers and Cort.
some squiers had sharp fret end, al felt cheap the corts were spotless.

and Cort produces a lot of guitars for major brand.
so Cort can be a great find, but i would not buy it without haven't played it first.


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Oct 11, 2019
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I've worked on a bunch because many of their models are in the 'affordable' range (there's a lot of them out there), and they are consistently good quality for the relatively low price. I've never seen one that was a dog; all the one's I've worked on were easily set up and sounded great with no mods truly necessary.

Cort also makes a range of more expensive stuff that is superb. I have one Cort (early 2000s) in my guitar pile and it is a peach, 100% stock.