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    Hey guys I have been toying with the idea of a Jim Adkins thin line Telecaster with P-90s build for a long time now but everyday life events seem to be taking most of my time. Just last week a friend in the UK sent me a internet post of a fake Jim Adkins guitar made by a company in China call Zuwei. Now I seen the name before but payed no attention to it but when I looked it up the guitar seems to fit all the areas I am looking for in a parts body build. I am considering this copy/fake to take and strip down to nothing but the shell and replace all the hardware to include bridge, tuners, pickups, pots,wiring, knobs,nut and so on with quality parts that fit my preferences. My qestion is has anyone ever bought one of these guitars or a Zuwei product and if so what would your comments be on the body's workmanship. All am after is the body that would be perfect to build on if it is decent enough.
    Yes some would say why not buy a Fender Jim Adkins P-90 Telecaster, well I would end up doing the same most likely as in replacing the P-90, or tuners or? Why pay a$1,000 to change out parts?
    Anyway I would be interested in hearing back on this about the body workmanship that Zuwei has or does not have. The guitar sells for about $280 complete and shipped. The picture are of the Fender and the Zuwei. Both are made in Indonesia?


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