Tinting Double Bound Alder Tele - OR what other color???

Discussion in 'Finely Finished' started by TelenTubes, Apr 3, 2020.

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    Okay, so I just received the neck and body and other misc parts for my next build. This body I'm finishing myself and my initial intention was to make a fraternal twin to my orange Gretsch (see profile pic).

    I've wanted a double bound tele body for this project and found one on ebay from Hosco. Man, I was impressed by the wood they used. Looks like they bookmatched a large piece of wood - it's a two-piece.

    My dilemma - the Gretsch orange is on a maple laminated top on the Gretsch. If I DO decide to go that route, I want the color to be really close. However, the alder is indeed a bit darker wood than the Gretsch, and was worried about getting even in the ball park trying to tint it that Gretsch orange. Was thinking a sealer coat or two of some sort (maybe dewaxed shellac sealer), followed by spraying the tint coats with some orange aniline dye mixed with laquer or even more dewaxed shellac. But I'm concerned about being able to get the Gretsch orange stain look with a non-maple wood.

    I've scoured the interwebz for tinting and dying and staining and otherwise coloring alder. I don't (yet) have a test piece of alder, and since the color can vary anyway I'm not sure a test piece will help terribly. Alder lumber isn't readily available here.

    THEN, I saw this tele:

    I LIKE that one a lot.

    The neck is pau ferro over roasted maple (below). Gold hardware has been ordered since my initial intent was to twin the Gretsch (even with a custom back painted pick guard).

    I'm torn!!! Any advice on achieving the Gretsch orange translucent over alder?

    IMG_0551.jpg IMG_0552.jpg
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