Time to fix some wiring sins...

Shorty Medlock

May 19, 2023
Central Wisconsin
I have owned this Squire strat for many years. It was a $40 pawn shop buy that someone had used and abused... stripped out screw holes on the bridge, mixed brand tuners and bad wiring.

I fixed all of that except the wiring.

Last month I decided to replace the feeble stock pickups with something different. Better? Not sure about that.

What triggered the change was a nice Seymour Duncan S-1 that had been taking up space in my little parts bin. Had it 30+ years so I figure I should put it to use.

Choosing replacement pickups was easier than years ago since I am pretty much broke so the lower end of the price point was my target.

I wanted alnico pickups not ceramic. Guitar Fetish had a sale so I tried those.

Shipping was fast...two days. Came with plenty of cloth wiring which I like.

I was in a hurry to get this guitar done and off my bench so I didn't trim up the pickup wiring and managed to jam all that wiring under the pickguard and try it out.


No sound...nada...nutting honey.

So early today I got outta bed and opened up the guts of the guitar.

Bingo...the ground wire to the output jack was broken.

But looking at the cobbled up wiring, all jammed together with some pretty poor soldering going on, I decided today was the day to fix all that.

Film at 11...


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