TicketMaster and LA Rams BLOCKING ticket sales for next week's potential game to out of town buyers!

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Mar 31, 2009
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I've only been to one NFL game.

Me too. Monday night game at the Kingdome, the night Bo Jackson carried Brian Bosworth into the end zone from about the 10. Our seats were near the 50, but we could lean our heads against the back wall.

It was fun. Each play looked like a very detailed Madden diagram, and then you'd see it up close on the big screen.


Oct 28, 2019
I think going to an NFL game at Lambeau would be just a mind blowingly awesome experience. I love the Green Bay fans who DIVE IN to deal with the weather and root like crazy. I see that same kind of fan base in Buffalo and Kansas City too. (I know lots of other cities too) The Lambeau thing would be about being at that place.

For watching a game and seeing the game, the new stadiums are really good. Levi Stadium has great sight lines (you can see the game) and great video boards for replays and life action like you see on tv. The downside--> drunk people. I am definitely not one of them. I don't mind the parking, I don't mind the food and beer lines, the bathroom solutions at the new stadiums is WAY better.

The brand new, really great stadia like SOFI and Allegiant are even better. Just full, great experiences for a fan, great sight lines, incredible screens and information. Also, nobody just sticks you with a bad hot dog and a warm beer, stadium food is generally really good now.

NFL is expensive, but nothing compared to going to a Warriors game. It is 500.00 a seat when they play the kings and a couple thousand a seat when Lebron or Kevin come to town.

Having gone to LOTS of playoff and world series games, I'd say that the live experience is much greater than just tv.

Having said that, a friend of mine just offered me a small fortune for my tix... I am weighing the options! (a Gallagher or D18 would be fun)
Allegiant Stadium is fantastic.


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Mar 2, 2006
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just saw that Joe Staley and Frank Gore have offered to buy any tickets at sofi for the game this weekend! ha ha! that is awesome.

Also, the rams and ticketmaster took down the restrictions, too much public roasting, ha ha!


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