Thoughts on mods.

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    I mod some guitars because I might not be able to find or afford the model that has the features I would like. Some evolve like my 'Trigger's broom' Esquire, others are simply reversible tweaks (sometimes cosmetic, but hey if I prefer how it looks then no harm done swapping a few knobs or a pickguard, etc).

    I've just bought a MIM Player Jaguar because I wanted to put a single pickup Jaguar together. I priced up doing a Partscaster and it would have cost more, even though many of the parts would be the same. This way I can reverse the mods (basically change the pickguard and pickups), knobs and put it back to standard should I decide to sell/trade it in future. It'll look a bit different from most other Jaguars and probably sound different too. I don't see that as a bad thing as it doesn't hurt to be remembered as 'that guy with the weird Fender' and if it sounds a bit different it helps me develop my own sound too.

    Sure I could probably have commissioned a Custom shop version, but it would be around 6 times the cost and ironically I couldn't revert it back to 'standard'. So I'd get extra depreciation given it would be a more personal choice of configuration, probably making it harder to sell on should I find I want to.

    I treat it as an almost separate hobby to playing: I practice, jam and gig (when we could) as much as I can possibly fit in with a full time day job and family commitments, so modding doesn't compromise my guitar playing and sometimes inspires me to play something new and I end up writing a new song from it.

    I don't see it as any different to the home cinema forums I also post on: You would think the main focus is to enjoy films/TV series/concerts, but a surprising amount of people seem to spend more time posting about their next upgrade/tweak rather than just enjoying a film. I've done the upgrades and tweaking, so I'm definitely in the later camp there and similar with my guitars: They are all pretty much set up to 'my perfect' so I just enjoy playing them. I just happen to have a new one to fiddle about with, but in a few weeks time it'll just be one of the other guitars to choose from (unless something breaks, or just general maintenance) from then on.
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    You made me nervous so I checked. The E and A were a bit sharp. Good eye!

    I recently began migrating from 11-52 to 11-48. I seem to be having a few more twinges in the phalanges than I used to have so going lower on the bottom. Had not set them yet.
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